I may never date again

When going on Match,

only real old guys want me.

Sorry, grandpa. Nope.

I have several friends who have met their true loves on dating sites. They have encouraged me to try it too. So…I have. And…yuck. Here’s the main problem with me and dating sites. In my head, I am still 29, maybe 30 years old. I love to listen to new rock music, watch way too much tv, and stay up late.

But the men on Match, and OKCupid, and Our Time are not looking for me. They are looking for a woman who likes jazz, and cooking, and freaking camping and hunting. Well, I think, I don’t do or like any of those things.Then I notice something even more insidious. The men my age (a very youthful 58) are looking for women my daughter’s age–32. 32!

And men looking for women my age are usually 70+. Now I am sure there are lots of fun and interesting 70 year old men, but I doubt very many of them know who Coldplay or Daft Punk are. They all love jazz. It’s like the day they turn 55, they do two things: join AARP and start to like jazz. Even men I know were listening to the Stones the day before, become jazz aficionados on their 55th birthday. And you can’t dance to that.

So, I may never date again. Unless someone wants to fix me up with their young-ish, indie-rock lovin’ friend. Cuz that’d work.


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